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Through our partnership with Mahi Power Yoga, all our trainings are certified by the Yoga Alliance, guaranteeing high quality and standard

300 HRS Yoga Teacher Training

You can still sign up for the 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training, starting on 14 July 2014. During this training you will dive into Samkya philosophy, applied Yoga anatomy, and you each student will be given many teaching hours and feedback


In our aim to share Yoga with as many people as possible WonderfulYoga in cooperation with 't Blauwe Theehuis offers FREE Yoga classes in Vondelpark in the heart of Amsterdam CHECK our Facebookpage for details

200 & 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India

WonderfulYoga offers unique Yoga Teacher Training in India. Associated with Mahi Power Yoga, our 200 and 300 hours programs are accredited by the YogaAlliance USA, guaranteeing high quality and integrity.

Following this training you will gain thorough knowledge and practical experience of all the different aspects of yoga and you will be qualified to teach all over the world

You will study with highly qualified teachers with thorough experience and knowledge about yoga philosophy, asana practice, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, and yoga therapeutics

Read here more about our two beautiful locations and the 200 and 500 hours programs







Daily Inspiration!

A 30 min Yin Yoga Practice

Everything in nature is in balance. Likewise we should balance our yoga practice, and combine more strenuous Yang poses with Yin Yoga. If you are unfamiliar with Yin Yoga, in this video Merel demonstrates a short sequence of Yin Yoga poses that you can practice at home easily without needing any props. The video was shot at Arambol beach in India by Rob Hadley, a hypnotherapist from Vancouver




"Your way is the yoga way"

Merel, after three weeks of intensive yoga practice, four hours a day, we have realized how lucky we were to meet someone both lovely and professional like you. Your way is the yoga way.

We improved our abilities, flexibility, and mind awareness. We enjoy your attitude, how you support us, how you demonstrate and encourage us.
In your class you find the right balance between making us reach places we never thought we could reach and at the same time emphasizing the importance of awareness of our own abilities. Your adjustments were so good and according to everybody's personal need and ability.
And you do it all with a graceful voice.

We wish you a great success on your path… on your yoga path in particularly and off course beyond that.

Hagar & Roni Cantor
Tel Aviv, Israel



Since ancient times the moon has intrigued mankind. First and, i just guess foremost, because of its metaphysical influence on life on earth. The moon came into being, approximately four and half billion years ago, after the earth collided with Theia, a body about the size of Mars.

I find myself on my bicycle in a summerdress. I did not check 'buienradar' so i am not prepared to that rainshower which is falling on me like an African monsoon. Mmm.. I have got two choices: I can either be iritated about the Dutch summer and curse myself for not being in some Mediterranean country sunbathing on the beach, or I can accept that what is and just enjoy the rain falling on my skin.

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